Welcome Shun, Sako and Kiko – our Newest RAs!

It is the start of a new school year, and we have some awesome new RAs to introduce you to! Please meet Shun, Sako and Kiko!



Hello! My name is Shuntaro, but people usually call me Shun. I was born in Tokyo but grew up in Kanagawa. I am a student studying English and Management. My main hobby is listening to music, especially hip hop, rap and R&B. I am the head of an international exchange organization called Nexus. It’s like a club, and we hold events twice a month where anyone is welcome to participate! If you want to join, please contact our official LINE account or tell me directly. The official line ID is: @ixz8877j. We also have an Instagram (ID: in_nexus). Please check it out! If you need any help, just let me know!



Guten Tag! My name is Caizhen and I’m from China. People mostly know me as Sako. I have been living in Japan about 7 months. My bachelor’s degree is in German language. I’m currently preparing to study Social Sciences at Tokyo University, and am studying at Japanese language school now. I can speak Chinese, Japanese, English, German and little bit of Korean. My hobby is hiking. If you want to go to the mountains or need some recommendations, please ask me anytime!



What’s up everybody! It’s Kiko. I am from China and currently studying Culture Anthropology at Tokyo University. I loving spending time with animals in my free time, so I always visit all kinds of zoos and aquariums. Recently I’m really into gardening, especially plants and flowers. So don’t hesitate to ask me about anything, I am always available to listen and help you out with whatever!


Make sure to say Hello if you see them around HAKUSAN HOUSE 🙂