Say Hello To Our Two Newest Residence Assistants (RAs)!

As you know, we already have the wonderful Jado and Sena helping out at HAKUSAN HOUSE as RAs, and we have just added two more smiling faces to the team! Without further ado, meet TAIGA and CHOU!



Hi! I’m Taiga. I’m a Residence Assistance staff here and studying at Toyo university. I grew up in rural Japan, surrounded by amazing beaches and nice mountains! My hobbies are traveling, playing soccer, and soaking up the sunlight. This summer, I traveled around Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia for 43 days. I really like to spend time in nature because I grew up with it. I also like doing active things, like playing soccer, swimming, going to see the ocean and so on. I want to be outside as much as I can so that I can enjoy the sunlight. And I also like to eat delicious dishes, especially Indian food and Thai food. As there is a nice Indian curry restaurant with free naan nearby HAKUSAN HOUSE, let’s go there if you like Indian curry! My favorite place in Tokyo is Yoyogi Park, where people hold food events and festivals on the weekend. I really like to hang there and chill out by eating some foods and taking a nap. Especially in spring, the park is full of cherry blossoms. So, I really recommend you guys visit there! If you need any recommendations for travel in Japan, feel free to talk to me!



Hello! My name is Han and Im from China, but people usually call me Chou in Japanese. I have been living in Japan for a little over 2 years and now I study Fashion Design at Esmod Japon. My hobbies are photography and cooking, so if you want to be photographed by me or if you want to try some traditional Chinese food, please dont hesitate to ask! I speak English, Japanese and Chinese so we can speak in whichever language you feel most comfortable. I also love K-pop and I’m a big fan of EXO, so I can speak a little Korean. If you see me around, feel free to talk to me about your favorite k-pop group!