Avoiding the stress of apartment hunting in Tokyo

The process of moving to Japan and living here full time can be quite difficult to grasp ahead of your arrival. It can be a long and expensive journey with many challenging rules to work around and hidden costs. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! In this blog post I’ll lay out what it’s usually like to rent an apartment in Japan, and what Uninest Student Residences has to offer instead.


What does renting an apartment in Japan usually look like?

In Japan, most apartments require you to pay a lot of different fees ahead of moving in, such as:


Key Money (non-refundable “gift” to the landlord paid at the start of your contract, usually equivalent of one month’s rent)

Guarantors Fee (usually equivalent of one month’s rent)

Deposit (non-refundable, usually equivalent of one month’s rent)

Agency Fee (depends on the company you use)

Maintenance Fee (for the building)

Property Insurance


So essentially what this means is that it costs a few hundred thousand Japanese yen (or a few thousand USD) upfront when moving into any apartment in Japan. In addition to all of this, you need at least two forms of ID; such as a passport, student card, visa etc. You will also be required to possess a Japanese phone number and have an emergency contact person within Japan. For a study abroad student, or any Japanese non-national in general, meeting all of these requirements can be quite difficult.


However, there is good news! Uninest Student Residences has a student dorm near Hakusan Station that doesn’t require any of the usual moving in fees associated with all other Japanese apartments. With Uninest, the moving process is simple:


NO Key Money

NO Guarantor Fees or emergency contact in Japanese required

NO Agency Fee

A refundable deposit

All inclusive rent fees, so NO need to pay for maintenance, insurance, Wi-Fi or any other utilities


When you first move in here, all you need to pay is your first month’s rent, an administration fee of 25,000 JPY, and a REFUNDABLE deposit equivalent to your first month’s rent. From someone who’s lived in Japan as a student for 3 years, this is a pretty great deal. Any questions and all paperwork can be done in either Japanese or English, which is also super helpful for those out there who struggle with kanji (like myself). It just makes everything so much easier. Also, when paying your rent, you have the choice of using a credit card or doing it by bank transfer, whichever you please. You can even choose to pay your rent all upfront or monthly – whatever you like!


All in all, Uninest makes it super easy for students to move to and live in Tokyo. When comparing it to the standard process for moving into a Japanese apartment, it’s clear just how much simpler living with them is, and that’s not to mention the awesome people who work here. I seriously recommend checking this place out if you’re a student looking for a place to live in Tokyo!