First Internship in HAKUSAN HOUSE!

My name is Mac MacLean and I’m a student from Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California.
I came to Japan to do a internship at the Hakusan House. I spent Monday through Friday completing tasks that the staff at Hakusan House asked me to do. For example some of the tasks were, watering the flowers, distributing linen for residents moving in, and moving information from their current website to a excel spreadsheet. Those are some of the many tasks that I completed while working at the Hakusan House.
When I wasn’t working a 9 am to 5pm schedule at the Hakusan House, I went on many different adventures with my dad. One of my favorites was going to a Tokyo Giants game. It was amazing to see the difference in culture between a Japanese baseball game and a United States baseball game. The fans were passionate for their team which is not as common anymore in the United States.
Now writing this message at the end of my trip, I can say that doing this internship at Hakusan House was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned so many things that I will use when I go into the hospitality business after College. I also want to thank everyone who welcomed me with kindness while at the Hakusan House. I really appreciate it.